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How do you rod a drain?

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Different attachments for different issues drain rodA blocked drain can be a huge inconvenience. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get rid of it yourself. Drain rodding is the act of using Drain Rods to clear any blockage lurking in the pipes.

It is a very efficient and cost effective method of clearing your drains out without causing damage to your drains, if done properly. It is always best to call a professional drain engineer if you are unsure of your capability to use drain rodding yourself, and you will be much more likely to get high quality work done for a great deal. Some drain rod services also include drain jetting. However, if you are going to clear your drains yourself, make sure to properly research the technique and stock up on the right equipment, as even the smallest mistakes can sometimes have very serious consequences on your sewage systems.

The first step to unblocking any drain is to locate where the actual blockage is. There will be many access covers between your property and the main sewers, and the best way to find the blockage is to open each of these covers and take a look inside to find which section the blockage is, starting with the cover closest to your house.

You will be able to identify which section of the system has the blockage in it by how full or empty they are. Start with the chamber closest to the main drain, and if it is empty then you have located the section that contains the blockage. If it is full, move up to the next nearest chamber, and keep going until you find where the blockage is. If this seems like something you would not be able to do yourself, then call our Blocked Drain Reading team – we’d be happy to help.