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How do you rod a drain?

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Specialist drain clearance may be neededOnce you have located the blockage, start by inserting the rod fitted with a plunger into the chamber. Continue to add more rods as you go along, always making sure to turn the rods clockwise when working them through the drain – if you turn them anti clockwise there is a chance they could unscrew and you would then be left with a drain blocked by drain rods, which would be a much bigger problem. Once you’ve found the blockage with the rods, you do not need to add any more rods, and you can start pushing against the buildup. Keep gently pushing until the obstruction is dislodged, and remove the rods. If you are unable to clear the blockage, remove the rods and replace the plunger with a corkscrew.

When you’ve finished removing the blockage and you have cleared the obstruction, finish the job off by directing a strong jet of water down the drain to clear away any leftover residue. Alternatively, you could do this by filling up your bath or sink and releasing the water all at once.

At the end of the process, it is important to properly take care of everything you have used. Make sure to clean all the rods that were used by drenching them with a diluted disinfectant poured out of a watering can.

Drain rodding can be a cost effective and efficient method of clearing your drains yourself. However, if you are unsure about how to do it, there is always a professional drain engineer who will be able to do it for you for minimal cost. It is very important to take action as soon as you notice any problems, as even small blockages can lead onto much bigger problems that can cause more damage and are more expensive to put right.

A blocked drain will never go away on its own and very often it can lead to severe damage in the drains that causes leaks and decay, and even flooding. Flooding not only causes damage to the property that is expensive to fix, it also poses a health hazard as the bacteria from the sewage water and the waste that was causing the blockage can contaminate and spread very easily and quickly. If a flood has broken out, do not attempt to stop it yourself – call Blocked drain Reading and we’ll dispatch our closes contractor out to you.