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Who doesn’t know how upsetting drainage problems can be? It can take up most of your time and cause
no minor nuisance. How many times have you had difficulty passing water down the sink after doing the
dishes? Or is it the bathroom or the toilet? It’s even way worse if you’ve been told “the work is done” by
the drainage company you hired to fix the same faults. However, the proliferation of inept drainage
companies doesn’t mean the end of hope. Blocked Drains Reading have the best solutions for all your
drainage problems, and we mean all.

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Our drain services

Reading Drains provides more than most in the business. And this a rundown of what we offer:

  • Drain cleaning

From grease to solid particles, different things can clog up your drains and prevent their smooth functioning. We have expert drainage engineers capable of cleaning your drains to ensure that they flow smoothly.  

  • Drain jetting

A lot of stuff goes down the drain over time and eventually leads to clogging. When this happens, you’d
need an expert blocked drain service to free up the drainage. Blocked Drains, Reading, do not only know
how to unclog your drains, but we also know the most efficient way to do so. We shoot water at high
pressure through the drainage, flushing out all particles.

  •  Drain repairs

Not many drainage companies are skilled in this. We’re not only qualified but have experience. Do you
have underground pipes that need to be fixed but don’t want to carve up your floor? We have special
techniques and equipment that can pull that off.

  • Drain relining

Since we’re after long-lasting solutions, we’d also like your pipes to remain in working condition for as
long as possible. And we achieve this by lining the inner walls of the pipes with an additional level of
protection, keeping out stuff like cracks or wearing. If your piping has already been lined but requires
lining because the previous one has grown old, we can also take care of that.

  • Drain replacement

Like most things in life, drainage systems can also get old. When they do, they tend to misbehave more
often than expected. And their faults, if not catastrophic, are close to disastrous. In this eventuality, you
need to replace your drainage system. We can handle the job for you better than any drain service in

  • Drainage installation

Our installation projects are as assorted as our range of services. Do you want a surface drainage
system, a subsurface drainage system? Name it, our team of professionals will undertake the project, and
as if things can’t get any better, our installations come with warranties. If you also need your old drainage
to be taken out and a new one fixed in its place, we can handle that perfectly.

  • Drain rodding

We can use the drain rodding solution to unblock any obstacle obstructing water flow through your pipes. This method requires using a flexible rod screwed from one end to the other and guided into the drainage or pipe. Because the rods we use are flexible enough, they can negotiate all bends in your drainage system and eliminate stubborn obstacles. 

  • Drain milling

Drain milling requires the use of specialist equipment to remove any deposit attached to the interior of your pipes without causing any damage to the host pipework.

  • Drain maintenance

We can help your drainage system through routine checks and inspections. Our knowledge and
experience enable us to make the proper judgment after every inspection, and we make the right step
afterwards. We’d do everything to make sure your drainage serves its purpose.

Contact our team of experts in Blocked Drains, Reading by calling 0118 367 0031;
alternatively, you can visit our contact page to ask for an evaluation of your drainage.

Why We’re the Best Choice

Why opt for Blocked Drain Reading for all drainage services? Here’s why:

  • We’re Dependable: We understand that trust is hard to get, so we don’t take chances with the
    drain service we offer our clients. We put everything at our disposal – experience, expertise, skill
    – to make sure we leave our clients with smiles on their faces, and they all have testimonies to
    corroborate our efforts. We won’t hesitate to fix that drainage problem whenever you want.
  • Twenty-four-seven Services: We’re available at every tick of the clock, ready to work the
    moment you reach out to us. We don’t tell stories like “it’s after work hours” or “weekend.” We
    understand that drainage problems don’t take weekends off. They don’t choose a time to occur. If
    you’re willing to patch up that problem, we wouldn’t deny you your shot at convenience.
  • Holistic Drainage Services: The range of our services is exhaustive. From drain installation,
    cleaning to other varieties of blocked drain services, we make sure our services are wholesome.
    Regardless of the fault, you can trust that we will solve it the moment you contact us.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Blocked Drains, Reading is your “drain services near me.” No part of
    Reading is out of our reach. We’ve got teams that can get to you wherever you are.
drainage service reading
drainage service reading

Got a plumbing problem? Contact us by calling our office at 0118 367 0031, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller
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I’ve had an issue with flushing the toilet for a while. The water’s rising, and it’s really an eyesore. I’ve gone through lots of drain service guys who profess with all their heart that they can get the job done. I let them have a go at the problem, and they come out shaking their heads. My toilet problem is still there. Then Blocked Drains, Reading came to me on a friend’s recommendation. I called them in, and they amazed me with the professionalism of their work. My toilet flushes perfectly well now. Blocked Drains are the real deal; totally commendable.
Raymond Bolt
Raymond Bolt
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I’d heard about Blocked Drains, Reading but hadn’t had an opportunity to use their services. Until I came back late from work one evening and found out that the pipe in the kitchen was leaking. It was well past working hours, but I’d seen something about twenty-four-seven availability on their website. So, I called them. To my amazement, they showed up and patched things up quickly. Blocked Drains, Reading keep to their word.
Helen White
Helen White
Read More
Blocked Drains, Reading is very reliable and professional. They go about their work with dexterity; it is so apparent. Not many commercial drainage services out there are deeply rooted in the nitty-gritty of their work. They deliver just as they say they will. Keep up the good work.
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