This Type Of Inspection Is Quick

CCTV Drain Survey

cctv drain survey If you’re about to purchase a property, a CCTV drain survey may be a good idea. This type of inspection is quick, inexpensive, and easy to conduct. A CCTV drain survey can take around two hours to complete, and it will give you concrete evidence of any major drainage problems. You can also use it to find the source of interior problems. A CCTV drain survey can also uncover initial cracks or gaps in your drainage system.

Having a CCTV drain survey is crucial for ensuring your drainage system is working properly. It will also allow you to meet IPPC licensing requirements. The purpose of a CCTV drain survey is to determine the condition of drainage pipes underneath the surface. The images from these surveys can show you where the problem lies and the necessary remedial measures. Having your drainage system inspected by a CCTV survey can help you avoid any unforeseen repair bills or inconvenience.

A CCTV drain survey is particularly helpful when buying a home, as it enables you to identify potential problems before you commit to a purchase. These surveys can also provide an accurate diagnosis of damaged pipes, making it more cost-effective to repair any faulty areas. Furthermore, you can use the images to scope additional drainage services, such as drain cleaning or repairs. And best of all, they’re highly affordable, so it’s worth getting one done for your property.

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