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If you’ve got a blocked drain, call Blocked Drain Reading. A blockage will never go away on its own, and over time they can increase in severity, causing more damage and more expense, which is why it’s important that as soon as you notice the early warning signs of a blockage you call Blocked Drain Reading.

Blocked drain Reading is your local fast response drains service covering the whole of the Reading and surrounding areas 24/7 365 days a year with comprehensive drains services for any drain issue you might be experiencing. Blocked drain Reading provide a whole range of useful services for blocked drains and other drains issues.


We don’t only save you time but money by working fast to get your drain unblocked.


We are experts in all areas of drainage including drain maintenance and drain clearance.


Our CCTV services help you discover whether drains are cracked or collapsed.


Our same day response times help you fight blockages & other problems as quickly as possible.

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Here at blocked drain Reading, we are proud to say that we have been serving the local residential and commercial needs of all our customers in Reading for many years. We have built up a reputation as being a drain unblocking service that can be relied on to always provide a professional service that goes right to the heart of the drain problem our customer is facing. We know that our customers, and local businesses especially, need to minimise the disruption the drain causes to their day, and operate on a fast response, fast solution approach so that we can make that happen.

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We think actions speak louder than words that’s why instead of just telling you how great our customer service is why don’t we just show you. We make active steps to make sure our customers always know where they stand with us. We prove this with our 24/7 365 day a year phone line that’s always open to our customers if they wish to speak about anything related to our work, or would like some help regarding something they’d like to ask us.

No call out charge for Reading Drains

No Call Out Charge

With years of experience we have pretty much seen all there is to see, the good, the bad and the ugly.  We take time analysing a situation properly before diving right in. We only want to provide services that are necessary which is why we do not charge call out fees. What is more, we provide a range of solutions whilst also recommending the best one to you. This puts you in control and will make you feel more comfortable about our service.

1 hour response time for Drain unblocking in Reading

1 hour response time

We at Reading Drains take pride in our work as we have full confidence in the tools we use and the quality of the outcome. We spend the necessary time to get the job done properly therefore you will not be dissatisfied. We do not skimp out when it comes to using top of the range equipment as, as the saying goes “a bad workman blames his tools”, we have the skills necessary and the tools to supplement.

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Stephen Prescott
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Outstanding service. First Local were called out to a blocked drain causing overflowing toilets in our school. I had just started as premises manager and had no information regarding the layout of the drains but Jordan quickly diagnosed the problem and dealt with it. We will be taking out a service contract with First Local to avoid future problems.
Thomas Johnson
Read More
Amazing Service from First Local. Kyle the engineer was outstanding in his help in first clearing the blockage and then repairing the whole drainage system. The job had many challenges but he persisted in getting it complete. Competitive pricing and would definitely recommend.
Nicola McCormack
Read More
Excellent service from first phone call to Kerry to ‘job done’ by Ryan. Sympathetic, calm, reassuring people and so speedy. Superb.
Mr Richard Jones
Read More
No complaints, they came, sorted out the problem I had issues...
Read More
Prompt service. Workman arrived within 2 hours of my phone call and fixed the drain blockage no problem!
Mrs Edenborough
Read More
I phoned First Local Services and they had a member of the team at my property the next morning. He talked mr through every stage to discuss why he needed to do and check I knew what the cost would be. He performed miracles and advised me of some damage to the drains, which are 120 years old to be fair, which needed to be sorted out to stop the blockages happening on a regular basis.Kerry in the office was a joy and Customer Service all the way through was excellent. I would definitely recommend First Local Services!
Tidworth golf club
Read More
Seeing as this was the first time of using them, they were very accommodating & the prices quoted were spot on. when the invoice was paid we received a receipt straight away.
Read More
Really great service, the guys worked tirelessly to find the source of my blocked drain, which they did. They gave clear communication throughout and were very keen to rectify my issue before bringing the expensive machinery/labour out! They also did a great job of tidying up afterwards. I hope I never get a blocked drain again but if I do I shall certainly call these guys again.
Mr Tony Welch
Read More
I just wanted to say how impressed we were with not only the rapid response times to my mums sewerage issues, but also how knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating the guys were when they arrived. Clearly, with my mum being elderly this was an extremely difficult situation for her to comprehend so the lads explained everything to her step by step. Many many thanks guys.
Marielle Taylor
Read More
Great service, extremely friendly and professional
Read More
Thank you for your efficient service. Much more reasonable than expected & had a great customer service. Would recommend
Luke James
Read More
Great company, fast response to my call out and reasonably priced.
Read More
Had these guys out as I had a blocked drain. They came out same day and was very happy with the speedy service they provided. Will recommend & use again if needed. Thanks
Genevieve Mahony
Read More
Wow . Amazing prompt service form these guys . Job prices very reasonably and response was quick too. I’d definitely recommend this company again
J.M. Ferguson
Read More
Your employees were most pleasant and helpful. The work on my drains was done efficiently. The drains were cleared and the new interior drains inserted into my old porclain drainpipies without any delay. A job very well done, thank you.
J.M. Ferguson
Read More
Your employees were most pleasant and helpful. The work on my drains was done efficiently. The drains were cleared and the new interior drains inserted into my old porclain drainpipies without any delay. A job very well done, thank you.

To keep a trouble free and flowing home. There are a few little simple actions that you can put into practice. One thing which will take no virtually no time or effort. A high recommendation from all the skilled blocked drain Reading technicians working with us. Is to make use of your leftover kettle water. After the water has been boiled. Be it for a cuppa, for your cooking or for your hot water bottle in the evening. Regardless of reason. Don’t leave that water to cool. But instead. Pour it down a drain. With grease dissolving power and germ killing potential. It will help any drain it goes down.

boiling water a blocked drain Reading remedy is recommendedThis simple remedy is used by all of the blocked drain Reading specialists who work here. Both at work and at home. We are avid fans of this technique and habit as it costs you nothing more than a simple motion of the hand and perhaps a few steps down the corridor if you are using the idea for your bathroom drain.

When cooking oily food , it may even be an idea to boil that little bit of extra water to use the cleaning technique. The other recommendation that blocked drain Reading recommends today is to keep eyes on the drain. Make sure nothing that is not supposed to go down does. Things like hair, large pieces of any material or any other common sense unsuitability is to be kept out. No need to be squeamish. Just pick it up and remove it in time. You have the opportunity to was straight away after. There are also tools that you can get, some with suction mount holders to ensure that you can easily clear anything without dirtying your hands.

Our blocked drain Reading experts know that little things like this go a long way in keeping drains clear and in good health. Keep on top of it and spend less time in stress and worry over slow or blocked drains in the future.

We here at blocked drain Reading know a few things about blocked drains, we’ve seen the lot, from nightmare external drains on building sites to your smaller toilet blockages in residential properties, over the last 20 years there isn’t a drain we haven’t unblocked. Whilst the technology we have to fight against these blockages has come on leaps and bounds since we stated there’s some things that will never change. For instance we estimate around 50% of all internal toilet blockages attended by us could’ve been avoided by the homeowner being a little more careful, which obviously would’ve saved them time money and a call out from us.

Blocked Drain ReadingPoor business model right? Telling potential customers how to avoid having to use our services, but here at blocked drain Reading the only thing we care about is getting peoples drains running perfectly, and if we can achieve this without attending a blockage because our tips prevented the blockage showing up in the first place we think this would be doing our jobs quite well.

To know how to stop a blockage from forming you must first look at what causes this type of blockage, and the most common causes for toilet blockages are sanitary products and other things such as paper towels and cotton buds which can be disposed in better ways, saving you some time and money.

High pressure water jetting has was first used in the mid to late 1800s in the mining industry for cleaning of tools and drills, it has since been used for cutting much later in the 1930’s in the metal industry cutting steel and other materials. Today high pressure water jetting is still used for a variety of tasks by a variety of industry, for example the fossil fuels industries use high pressure water jetting to clean wells and equipment when other methods of cleaning prove difficult or maybe even impossible. Also used by the steel industry for cutting, the pressures of the water jets can reach in excess of 20000 psi. For clearing drains, Blocked Drain Reading uses  anywhere in between 2000 and 3000 psi rarely exceeding the latter as at 3000 psi a jet of water could cut someone in half.

Blocked Drain Reading and high pressure water jetting, at Reading blocked drains we use high pressure water jetting (HPWJ) to clear blockages and perform drain maintenance which in turn helps reduce the risk of emergency blockage call outs. There are two main advantageous reasons Blocked Drain Reading uses HPWJ to clear blockages and maintain free flowing drains these are. Number 1 when using HPWJ it is unlikely that a member of our team will have to rip up any pipe work to get to a blockage, which makes HPWJ more cost effective than other methods. Secondly some competitors use corrosive chemicals to clear blockages and these chemicals end up going into the sewer and then ultimately ending up somewhere they shouldn’t be, where as Blocked Drain Readings HPWJ only uses highly pressured streams of water which is harmless to the environment and your drains.

In the times before CCTV Surveying Equipment the only way to find and clear a blocked drain was to rip up the existing pipework and maybe your garden, to then remove the blockage manually. Luckily we no longer live in those times and today we can use CCTV Surveying to help us find your pesky blockage instead of ripping up your garden. This piece of equipment makes life easier for us and it makes life a lot cheaper and a lot less time consuming for you.

So how does it work and when would we use it? A CCTV drain survey starts with one of our highly trained technicians feeding a camera attached to a rod into and through your pipes until it reaches the very end, then our technician will remove the camera delicately and then make a report using the information and the footage gathered by the machine.

It has lots of uses and all of them are vital some these include;

  • Locating a blockage without pipe movement needed
  • In the discovery of cracks and fractures in your pipe work. If left these cracks and vulnerabilities could cause bigger problems like bad odours and attracting vermin
  • Drain Maintenance, helps us to know what each customer needs from us
  • In the discovery of vermin and other unwanted guests

We know it’s can be a bit of a pain when you find out you have a blocked drain, made even worse if you find out at night and won’t be able to get it sorted till the morning. Well we’re going to tell you how you can help avoid a blocked drain. There are two types of drain blockage at your home, an internal blockage and an external blockage.

The first thing to do when talking about prevention of a blocked drain is to identify the leading causes. For an internal drain the main causes of blockages are build ups of oils and fats (kitchen sinks) and sanitary and other hygiene products. This means that most internal blockages are avoidable by just being more careful with regards to how you’re disposing of these things.

External drains are a bit harder to safeguard from blockages and this is due to the main causes (piles of leaves and tree roots) being natural and therefore harder to predict and prevent. Not to worry as Blocked Drain Reading don’t just unblock your drains, we’ll also help you in preventing a blockage with our rotary mechanical drain cleaning equipment, one of our technicians will feed a spring with a cutting arm down into your pipes and while it’s going along it descales and cleans your pipes in order to return your pipes to their original diameter.

We are able to carry out fully comprehensive CCTV Surveys & Investigations which can assist with the buying and selling of any properties. Our engineers will arrive on site at a time that suits you, carry out the CCTV Survey, we then compile the report, a site plan/map and all the footage straight back to you and assist with any additional information needed to help the purchase or sale of your home.

Yes, all of our engineers are fully equipped to carry out drainage repairs both small and large. Our state of the art machinery and technology onboard allows us to identify any arising issues and offer a 5 star service to bring your system fully up to date.
Did you know we are also able to offer finance on all repair works, speak to a member of our team today to discuss. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on all repair works carried out.

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When you have a blocked or overflowing drain you want it sorted out quickly. You need to call on Blocked Drain Reading for a first class service. Our engineers combined local experience in Reading and the surrounding area with the latest industry knowledge and tools to deliver a truly professional and reliable service that means our customers come back again and again. Become one of our repeat local customers today.

Allow us to find the solution to your problem today by calling one of our friendly office staff who will reassure you that your solution will be handled by one of our dedicated engineers. We can be with you urgently or at a time suited to you and your busy schedule because we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. And no call out fee is charged on top of our competitive and clear prices, so why wait call us today.

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Blocked Drain Reading: Our Customer Service

Here at blocked drain Reading we’re dedicated to providing customer service on a par with our excellent drain unblocking work, the reason we do this is because we think it’s just as important to make sure our customer has a painless experience when using our service than it is to clear their drains. We’re not talking about corporate customer service, we’re talking about the customer service that is just that, serving your customer.

We’re not out to scam you like other companies who for charge people more base on certain post codes, we think that’s a poor way to conduct business and we’d never do that to our loyal customers who have allowed us to serve them for over 20 years in the Reading area.

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