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Blocked Drains Reading doesn’t just have the experience and the skill, but we also have the equipment to make sure there’s a solution to every drainage problem you may have. However, if we must provide long-lasting solutions, first we must find out the problem, and that’s where our CCTV drain survey comes in.

Our experts are not only accomplished in CCTV drainage survey, but they’re also familiar with some of the problems that plague drainage systems in Reading, thus making for easier detection.

We have also fashioned our CCTV drain inspection process to be conducive for you and effective in getting accurate results.

Whether you want us to scout out a house’s drainage system before you go in for the buy or to carry out repairs on your drainage, we will not disappoint. We make it an appointment never to do so.

If you need our CCTV drain service, call us at 0118 367 0031. We don’t dawdle on our repairs.


As unique as the human mind is, it cannot give the best results at every event. And it’s not for lack of trying. Our senses are just limited and can’t go past certain conditions. Our engineers are human, and we recognize that there are specific issues they cannot detect regardless of how thorough the inspection. Some drainage problems are imperceptible, and heightened equipment is required to continue from where the human senses stopped. A CCTV drain survey is the best way to accurately detect issues in a drainage system. Using a camera and other specialized equipment, we can access the inside of the drainage to make a detailed assessment.

The resulting assessment helps our client decide whether to engage our other drain services or stop at the CCTV drain service. The assessment also informs the price estimation we give the client.

No part of Reading is out of our reach. We’re the one to call when you think of “CCTV drain survey near me.” We will give you a home buyers drain survey or a drainage repair, all at an affordable price.

CCTV Drain Survey Service Reading

You can ring us up at 0118 367 0031 or go to our contact page to request a CCTV drain inspection.

Which Equipment Do We Use?

A CCTV drainage survey requires an apparatus of tools. These tools must be highly operational to ensure results that hit the nail on the head. These are the equipment that helps us do our magic:

  • Waterproof Cameras

These need to be of high resolution to ensure the images of the drainage system’s internal environment are evident. But this is not enough. The cameras need to be waterproof and robust to withstand water pressure.

The cameras give an excellent layout of the entire situation. Sometimes, it’s crucial to watch footage of the internal design of the pipes so we can spot things that we were not able to spot the first time. This wouldn’t be possible if the cameras didn’t record the internal layout.

  • Access Rods

These are excellent for controlling the camera for quality assessment and recording. Don’t be deceived by the ordinary looks; without access rods, the recording and monitoring we do will be arduous if not impossible.

  • Crawlers

There is a need to go inside the pipes in some events, and that includes all the bends and turns. This is where crawlers come in handy. Remotely controlled by our team on the outside, crawlers can navigate the pipes with ease, enhance our assessment’s accuracy, and ultimately, the effectiveness of our solutions.

  • SONAR Unit

It is an indisputable fact that sound travels farther than vision does and gives a more accurate assessment of places the eyes cannot see. Military personnel and expert researchers will tell you this.

When your drainage is blocked, there’s very little that eyes can do. On the other hand, SONAR can render a much better assessment, getting us back in the game. With this in our bag, we have an advantage that most CCTV drain services don’t. And that’s why we’re the best CCTV drain survey in Reading.

CCTV Drainage Survey
Reading CCTV drain survey


Our CCTV drainage survey comprises a careful process to make sure we leave smiles on your face when we’re done. This is why we’re your staple choice if you want to get a CCTV drain survey in Reading. Here’s a rundown of the entire routine:

  • If you require our CCTV drain service, the first step is to ring us up and tell us you need our assistance. Since we’re always on standby, an expert engineer will be here to receive your call.

  • Upon agreement, the engineer will come to you.

  • There will be a little consultation where you give the engineer details about the drainage problem. The details you provide him will inform the tools he needs to assess your drainage situation. Think of it as a route to getting a diagnosis for an illness.

  • The engineer will make assessments from your report then he’ll move over to the spot where your drainage is faulty. If the work is tedious, a much bigger team will be made available so that we don’t ruin the agreement on time.

  • The engineer will put a camera in the drainage system for visual assessment. The environment and the internal layout of the drainage system will determine what the camera holder is going to be.

  • The engineer will pick out the problems from the visual feedback of the drainage’s layout. He’ll put down his findings so they can serve as a reference as he works up a plan.

  • Once the CCTV drain inspection is complete, the engineer will remove the camera to design a course of action. Then he will share the details of his assessment with you, along with a detailed rundown of the drainage faults.

  • Finally, the decision will fall back on you. If you wish to continue to repairs after hearing the engineer’s report, he will give you a quotation. The timeframe for the job’s completion is entirely at your discretion.

Got a plumbing problem? Contact us by calling our office at 0118 367 0031, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

Harry Brian
Harry Brian
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Many things can chase people out of your club, and a drainage problem is somewhere at the top of the list. The moment I began to perceive a foul smell from the restrooms, I knew I was in for it. I’d stumbled through two drainage companies who didn’t know how to identify the problem before I encountered Blocked Drains, Reading. I knew they were a different ballgame when they came in with a team and sophisticated equipment. I needed the restroom problem fixed before the evening time of the same day. They detected the problem in very little time with their equipment and went ahead to fix it when I gave them the go-ahead.
Harry Lennon
Harry Lennon
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I do minor plumbing around the house when I can. I never expected I’d meet a drainage problem that would have me in over my head. Suddenly the toilets stopped flushing, the sinks, and tubs too. I suspected the problem was from the underground piping, but the thought of digging through the floor to find and fix it was painful. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do it. Blocked Drains, Reading, didn’t have to dig. They just used some fancy equipment to detect the problem, and they solved it without digging up my floor. It was exciting to watch them work with such professionalism. And it was satisfying to see my drainage system function properly again. Thank you, Blocked Drains.
Robert Watson
Robert Watson
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I’ve used Blocked Drains, Reading before. But it still didn’t stop their CCTV drainage survey from blowing my mind. I employed their CCTV drain services for a house I wanted to buy. I found out that the pipes were severely corroded and blocked and in need of extensive repairs. This information will help me in negotiating a price for the house.
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